1846-1888 – Vol 1 – Navarro County Texas Marriages

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  1. Camdin Classen | Reply

    I have a great uncle who married May 5,1888. His name was Daniel H. Reece, his bride was Mary Jane Henricks. Do you have a list of that year? They I believe in Navarro Cty.Texas. camdin.classen@gmail.com. Many Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Was Daniel Reece one of the African American doctors in Fort Worth? If not I suggest you do an interlibrary loan request for the information you are seeking.

      Hidden in History Staff

  2. Camdin Classen | Reply

    No Daniel wasn’t an African doctor, I believe he was a farmer like the rest of him family members. They came from North Carolina.

  3. CLARIFICATION: For the record, the 1886 marriage listed in this document, Navarro County Texas Marriages vol. 5, is between Dr. F.W.C. Adams’ father Frank and his second wife Cornelia Busha (F.W.C.’s aunt and stepmother), NOT Dr. Franklin W.C. Adams and his (only) wife Hattie. Frank Adams, Sr. married Cornelia after the death of his first wife (and Cornelia’s older sister) Mollie, who was the mother of Dr. F.W.C. and his 2 sisters (born in Louisiana) and his younger brother Viyella (born in Corsicana, TX).

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